Ange’s beautiful and evocative prize winning poem published here for the first time.

Digitised Slides (Sonnet)

I look at the screen filled by image: bright

’68, translucent, from dusty slide,

From shabby box, stashed long ago from sight.,

Appearing now so close, though long denied.

Is this now and time itself a fiction?

Surely, then exists in present instant:

Glowing faithful lovers sure in action,

You and me, youthful and free, not distant.

No. This is faraway when, a story

Still unfolded. The babies unborn yet

From the curving stomach; now unsurely

Recollected, though each’s future set.

Retrospectives newly gleam in gloom

Of later life that stole up far too soon.

By Ange Grunsell ©2014

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