Publication updates.

Exciting publishing times! 🙂

Emma van Woerkom ~ Poet


Well, it’s less than a week till the official book launch of the Pick and Mix anthology and I have to admit to being very excited on several counts.

Firstly, it’s the first true anthology the Hay Writers Circle have ever produced and I have several pieces included. Secondly, the launch is being held at Richard Booth’s Bookshop, which since my early days, before it’s recent transformation, up to the present has always been a Mecca for avid book lovers. It also means I’ll be back home in Hay-on-Wye. Five glorious days of catching up with friends, family and the countryside around where my roots have always been moored.

Pick and Mix front cover-page-002 pick and mix promo photo (2)Then like the proverbial buses, another anthology, this time 100% poetry; Salt on the Wind: Poems in response to Ruth Stone will be launched on December 1st by it’s editors, Chaucer Cameron and Helen Dewbery…

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