Winners Announced!

On the hottest day of the year (so far), it was delightful to see Richard and Hope Booth present the prizes for the Richard Booth Prize for Non-Fiction 2016.


Dan Davies, winner of Gordon Burn Prize 2015

This years competition judge was Dan Davies –

Winner of the 2015 Gordon Burn Prize (pictured)
and the 2015 CWA Non-Fiction Dagger.

Shortlisted for the Orwell Prize and the James Tait Black Prize.

“Dan Davies has been a journalist and editor for 20 years, writing for The Guardian, The Independent, The Mail on Sunday and The Economist, among many other publications. He is currently Deputy Editor of Esquire.”
Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd. Literary Agents.

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1st place
Change of Heart by Juliet Foster

“I really liked this story for the way it plunges the reader into a
situation where one is unsure of what is happening, uncertain about
who the protagonists are and curious about what will happen next. From
the outset, the dialogue is wrong footing; it sets the pace and
compels the reader forwards into the story. The writing placed me into
this village, and among the characters that populate it — including
the narrator. The twist heart breaking, and made me want to read to
more. Intriguing and poignant.” Dan Davies (judge)

2nd place
Meeting George by Jo Jones

“The opening line in this story is wonderful, and immediately pulled me
in with its sense of time and place. The mystery of how two people
make a connection in the unlikeliest of circumstances is powerful, and
the writing made me want to learn more about where this relationship
went, and what happened to these two individuals whose lives, I hoped,
went on to become entwined after such an inauspicious start. Rich and
textured.” Dan Davies (judge)

3rd place
Base Camp by Emma van Woerkom

“This short story contains some really wonderful descriptive writing
that afforded me a sensory tour of the shop. Lines that I particularly
liked included  ‘meagre with an unmistakable hint of godless damp’ and
‘A large, glass cased heron, incarcerated sometime during the
Edwardian era and still gazing through his glazed eyes for the fish he
has waited almost one hundred years to catch’. The latter,
particularly, tells the reader everything he/she needs to know.
Stylistically excellent.” Dan Davies (judge)

Thank you to Richard and Hope Booth for their support and prizes, and to Dan Davies for being the 2016 non fiction competition judge.

Many Congratulations to the 2016 winner, Juliet Foster and runner’s-up Jo Jones and Emma van Woerkom, as well as everyone who submitted work for consideration.


Richard & Hope Booth (centre) Juliet Foster (far left) Philip Foster (far right)


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