A Film, A Book and A Festival!

Bronwyn Goes Dancing by Shane Anderson

Bronwyn Goes Dancing is a short film written by new Hay Writers’ Circle member, Shane Anderson, and directed by Chris Lang at a time when both were members of Pontardawe Arts Centre’s ‘Script Cafe’ – another dynamic writers’ group (now defunct) – which was run by poet and playwright Emily Hinshelwood.

The script itself was the culmination of a series of ‘short film’ workshops run by The Script Cafe during its 2016/17 season when we managed to secure funding from the Arts Council of Wales/National Lottery/Ffilm Cymru for the course. The funding included up to £500 for the production of selected short films written by workshop attendees. ‘Bronwyn Goes Dancing’ was fortunate enough to be one of those chosen. 

In 2017, the script of ‘Bronwyn Goes Dancing’ was a semi-finalist in the L.A. based Bluecat (Short) Screenplay Awards. The film itself has received an ‘Honorable Mention’ from the L.A. based Independent Short Film Awards in 2019. In January 2020 I entered ‘Bronwyn’ into the prestigious Lewes-based WOFF Festival (Women Over Fifty Film Festival). Although selected, unfortunately there was no trip to Lewes to see it shown on the big screen as it all had to happen virtually. However, under the WOFFF ‘Best of The Fest’ banner, it was shown at a partner festival ‘Leytonstone Loves Film’ in September 2021. 

I feel very fortunate that Chris Lang asked to make the film and over the moon that he managed to secure the talents of actors Menna Trussler (‘Pride’ and Oscar-nominated ‘Affaris of the Arts’) and the late Tony Wright MBE.

The film was originally going to be about a male pensioner, all outdoors and much more expensive to make (scene in the rain & in a moving vehicle – thousands. Watch BBC’s ‘Doctors’ to see a drama made on a tight budget). I changed the main character to a woman, put her in her home and half an hour later the script was all but done.

The basic story…

Bronwyn is close to despair. A life, once so full of family, friends, jobs and interests has slowly diminished over the years and now, with the recent loss of another beloved friend, she is in danger of becoming ever more fearful, lonely and reclusive. But she has one last companion – the radio.

You can view the short film, Bronwyn Goes Dancing by CLICKING HERE

In other news –

We are delighted to congratulate the wonderful Alex Josephy, (photo above), who is one of 4 winners of the 2022 Cinnamon Press Poetry Pamphlet Award. In the past Alex has been one of our esteemed HWC Poetry Competition judges and a leader of poetry workshops. Her pamphlet will be published by Cinnamon Press in 2023.

The Adjudicators comments for Alex’s pamphlet were as follows.

Alex Josephy’s -Again Behold the Stars

“Set in winter 1553 in a small Italian hill town under siege, the people are hugely outnumbered, but their town, with its fortress walls, has never been taken in war and these people have uncommon endurance. It’s a story that could have been laboured, that in other hands might have been over-told, laden with too much commentary. But Alex Josephy inhabits the place and people with exquisitely-phrased precision. Told in the voices of women, including a chorus, a nearby mountain and the fortress herself, the uniting
voice of the pamphlet is a girl, through whose eyes we see the minute details of life under immense stress and feel the nuances of loss, hunger and uncertainty. This is an intense immersion into a lockdown that challenges all the senses, one utterly different from the modern experience of lockdown in the pandemic, yet also hauntingly resonant with it. Most vitally, the empathy evoked reaches us across almost five centuries, making us care in the present.”


And finally…

Our event at Hay Festival 2022 is sold out!!! 🙂

Do not despair – please go to the event page and click on the “WISH LIST” link.
You may get a ticket yet…

Wishing you all a very happy Hay Festival from everyone
at Hay Writers’ Circle and we hope to see you there.


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