‘Grief Is The Price We Pay For Love’ Queen Elizabeth II

It’s often difficult to write when something is too emotionally close.

Today, as Queen Elizabeth II is laid to rest many of us reflect on the deep impression she had on our lives. Emotions run high – love and loss, grief and gratitude. We are incredibly thankful for her years of service and the promise she made over 70 years ago, which she kept. She was a remarkable lady who will very soon slip into history leaving her unique indelible mark on it’s pages.

Queen Elizabeth II

Our Writer’s Homework from our last meeting was to write on the subject of Her Majesty. Fortunately, one of our group managed to put pen to paper with this short piece.

   The Queen, God Bless Her

by Michael Eisele

Those of you who are indigenous to these Isles may think it bit cheeky for two recent immigrants (35 years as residents and counting) to be expressing a view on the late queen. In mitigation, let me remark that not everyone who emigrates to the UK does so after reading ‘The Mists of Avalon’ by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

I offer then a conversation, as well as I can remember it, between my wife and myself over the Breakfast table this Thursday morning , 15 September.

Me- You know, I doubt whether Charles III will get such a send off. Why do you suppose that is?

Wife- There’s something special, don’t you think, about a woman who has devoted her entire life to care for her subjects?

M- You mean as a mother, so to speak.

W- Exactly!  Men do care for their children, don’t get me wrong, but only a mother feels that special bond where she would unhesitatingly give her life to protect her young.

M- So you don’t think that thousands of people waiting in line all night to pay their respects is a little, well, extreme?

W- Not at all. Grief is one thing, but do you get the sense that those people feel abandoned? The processions, the flower tributes, it all has an air of, well, celebration. It’s like she’s been part of their lives and always will be.

M- Exactly how one feels about the passing of a beloved mother,  you’re saying

W- Yes. And here’s another thing. Have you noticed (mentions several family issues which seem to have magically been resolved)  It’s as if with her passing she took all the bad stuff that’s been happening with her. Don’t you get a sense of that from the people who have been interviewed on the news?

M- I begin to see where you’re going with this.  You know, what’s really strange is that fire ball everyone saw in Scotland.

W- You mean like how comets are regarded by many as portents of a new era? 

M- You have to wonder. The country could certainly use some optimism right now.


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