About Hay Writers’ Circle

About The Group:

Hay Writers’ Circle is a highly active and forward thinking writing group, meeting on the first Monday and third Tuesday of the month between 1.30pm-4pm.

In 2019 we celebrated the group’s 40th birthday!

Three major competitions are held annually (The Frances Copping Memorial Prize for Fiction, The Richard Booth Prize for Non Fiction and Poetry Prize) with external guest judges. Past judges include Andrew O’Hagan, Fay Wentworth, Rachel Cooke, Lesley Saunders, Alex Josephy, Phil Carradice, Colin McDowell, Dan Davies, Oliver Bullough, Libby Houston, Iain Rowen and Paul Henry.

Advance your talent with writing workshops, short writing exercises, constructive criticism, lively discussion and opportunities to perform your work.

We welcome all enquiries.

Check out our ‘Joining Us’ page for more information


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2 Responses to About Hay Writers’ Circle

  1. Hi Hay Writers – Hope the traumas of the past year have not affected you too badly. Keep writing, even if it feels damned hard!

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