Data Privacy Policy

Hay Writers’ Circle Privacy Policy


Hay Writers’ Circle Group value and respect the privacy of all members and guests and want you to understand how we handle your data. All queries addressed to our main email address shall be dealt with within seven days of receipt, but please note we are a voluntary group and holidays may cause a delay to our standard policy. If you have not had confirmation of your enquiry or request within seven days please email us again.

1)    Data Controller

Hay Writers’ Circle Group will nominate a Data Controller to be responsible for maintaining and ensuring compliance with the GDPR. The Data Controller shall;

  1. Maintain the GDPR policy.
  2. Maintain a record of the Data Processors.
  3. Maintain a record of authorised storage systems, including passwords.
  4. Maintain a record of the data storage locations.
  5. Maintain a record of information shared with external organisations or individuals, and their statement of compliance with GDPR, if appropriate.
  6. Review all data and delete obsolete data.
  7. Process requests for data deletion.

2)    Data Processors

Any member of Hay Writers’ Circle Group that handles personal data will be designated as a Data Processor and recorded as such by the Data Controller. Data Processors shall;

  1. Handle and protect personal data in accordance with the Hay Writers’ Circle GDPR policy.
  2. Shall not share personal data without approval from the Data Controller.
  3. Shall not store personal data on unauthorised systems.

3)    Data details

Data will primarily be stored in hard copy form, or on the Hay Writers’Circle main email system. The following are sources of data expected to be held by Hay Writers’ Circle;

  1. Member details (name, email address, phone number, home address )
  2. Attendance records of members
  3. Payment record of members (name, amount of payment, date of payment)
  4. Workshop non-members details (name, email, phone number, home address, payment details)
  5. Competition entrants’ details (name, email, phone number, home address)
  6. Guest and Tutor details (name, email, phone number, home address, payment details)
  7. Material written in the group and shared with the group or used in performance and for promotional materials. Copyright of this material remains with the author unless otherwise specifically negotiated.

4)    Location of data

The Data Controller shall maintain a record of the location of stored data. This record shall be stored by the current Data Controller offline. Data for online contacts will be stored online on the Hay Writers’ Circle email system in current usage.

5)    External Organisations

Hay Writers’ Circle have a responsibility to ensure that if personal data is shared with external organisations, that the receiving organisation or individual will comply with GDPR.

The Data Controller will maintain a record of the organisation that receive Personal Data from Hay Writers’Circle.

6)    Right of Deletion

An individual whose data is held by Hay Writers’ Circle has the right to;

  1. Request details of the data about them by Hay Writers’ Circle
  2. Request the deletion of the data held about them by Hay Writers’ Circle.

Requests for details or deletion shall be made to Hay Writers’ Circle via our main email account, or in writing to the Secretary at the address stated on our website.

7)    Retention period

Personal data shall not be held longer than reasonably required. The incoming Data Controller shall review all data, at not more than three yearly intervals.

8)    Data review

A data review, in accordance with the Retention period, will be held when a new Data Controller is appointed in September at the AGM, with unnecessary data deleted within three months.

9)    Complaints

Complaints about our handling of data can be addressed to the Chair of the Hay Writers’ Circle, whose email address can be found on our website, or by putting ‘Complaints to the Chair’ in the subject box of an email to our main email address.