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Thank you for expressing interest in joining our writers group.
We are always delighted to hear from new writers.

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At The Hay Writers’ Circle we aim to foster a group that is both dynamic and relaxed, which is obviously a fine balance. Let us explain. By dynamic we mean a focused structure to our regular meeting; with set writing exercises, feedback and homework sharing. All writers contribute throughout the year to these exercises. We encourage our writers to push themselves, to enter competitions, to perform their work and to share their journey. By relaxed, we also mean fun and kindness, and the sheer pleasure of writing together.

We welcome all writers, great and small. We encourage writers to come for all reasons, and to engage on the level they are comfortable at, in an environment that is non-aggressive and constructively critical. As a group we stress that unkindness, intolerance or unhelpful, personalised criticism will not be tolerated from any of our members.

We encourage members to attend as many sessions as possible, especially in their first year, to give continuity to the group and its events. However, we are not writing divas, you will not sit in a corner in disgrace if you have not managed to write from one session to the next, or if you have missed a session or two. Members find the level that works for them, and contribute to the group in personal ways that sustain us all.


We have an elected committee who direct the regular meetings and the decisions of the group, and who organise the performances, competitions, workshops, sub-groups, and all other events during the year. The committee will ask writers to help with specific tasks to assist these events.

Regular meetings run twice monthly, on the 1st Monday and 3rd Tuesday, from 1.30pm-4pm, followed by an informal tea/coffee break. The meetings take place at Cusop Village Hall, HR3 5FE, which can be found on the B4348 on the outskirts of Hay.

When we have new enquiries we invite you to attend several of our regular sessions as a Guest, at no charge. This gives you a chance to meet most of us, to get a feel for the format of our sessions, and how they suit you and your writing. It also gives existing members a chance to get to know you. It is then a committee decision if they wish to invite the new person to join at the next appropriate opportunity.

We generally only invite one new member in a three month period, so we do sometimes have a waiting list. Membership fees are charged annually, currently this is £25.

We have found this an excellent system for enabling new writers and existing writers to develop trust and confidence in one another and sustain a supportive and enjoyable group. Should we as a group decline to invite you please understand that this is not a personal rejection but a reflection of the holistic needs of the group and the immediate limitations we have on capacity and venues, or the time of the year and the events we are committed to.

Please contact the Secretary to arrange a date when you can join us as a Guest, when we shall warmly welcome you.

All enquiries welcome.

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